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Bosnia and Herzegovina: mobility applications are not possible at the moment
Because of financial difficulties in Bosnia and Herzegovina it is not possible to apply for mobility applications for the summer term 2022/23 for stays in Bosnia and Herzegovina at the moment. Only the two CEEPUS Universities in the Republic Srbska (University of Banja Luka and University of East Sarajevo) are not affected.

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Media Ethics

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In todays globalized world with the huge power of medias, the question of ethics in this context is more important than ever before.

It is crucial to understand the context and the differences of cultures, traditions, religions and many more factors that affect ethics and especially media ethics. Therefore, we will use the power of our mobilities to raise our academic efforts, to be able to make comparative analyses, to observe methods or simply to get to know new techniques of media communication in our partner countries. We want to prepare students and teachers for the ethics challenges of today’s media world, and we will lay out foundations for future cooperations, common research activities and development of joint study programs. The network is collaborating already in other related fields of research and offers experience, study materials, modern facilities, and a progressive approach.

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Central European Network for Sustainable and Innovative Economy

Sustainable Development and Innovative Economy

The network is aimed at building awareness of the need to introduce radical changes in lifestyle and the methods of doing business through the exchange of ideas between researchers and students of economics in Central and Southern Europe – a region where the level of environmental awareness and concern is generally low.

A very vital and urgent, and at the same time poorly recognized by human kind problem, is the negative impact of dominant type of the contemporary economic activity on the environment. Numerous entities business models are based on predatory usage of resources and carbon dioxide emission, what in turn leads to catastrophic climate change. As a result, large tracts of the Earth become uninhabitable. These changes significantly contribute to mass migration and social destabilization in general. It is necessary to introduce and disseminate a new paradigm of economic activity, based on the efficient use of resources, preferably a circular economy. It is necessary to research and disseminate management models that will allow to implement this paradigm. And this is what the proposed Central European Network for Sustainable and Innovative Economy is supposed to serve: building awareness of the need to introduce radical changes in the ways of doing business and lifestyle through the exchange of views between economic researchers and students of economics in a region where the level of environmental awareness is generally low. This is to be achieved by the exchange of scientists, doctoral students and students, thanks to which all participants will have the opportunity to learn how the sustainable development postulate is implemented in teaching at partner universities, learn about the best educational practices in this field, as well as jointly create new teaching programmes and conduct international research on sustainable development and innovations supporting a sustainable economy.

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What our scholars have to say
Peter Purg, PhD
Professor, University of Nova Gorica
I had the occasion to work with architecture students who normally don’t deal with media and contemporary arts in their study programme. CEEPUS allows me to think innovative – I get money and time to go there and to focus on something new and do something new.
Dr. Bojan Lalic
Professor, University of Novi Sad
With CEEPUS it is more flexible and less bureaucratic than organising teaching at foreign universities in another way.
Vedrana Petric
Exchange Student in Warsaw
The fact that I can say that now I have friends, real deep friendships, throughout Europe. Also, that I managed to finish all the courses in a completely different, but very interesting field of studies- environmental engineering. Thank you CEEPUS for giving me the opportunity to achieve this!

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