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Applications for BiH
BiH will start approving applications for 2023/24 from now on.
Mobility application round for 23/24 is enabled. Deadline for winter term is June 15, 2023
Please note, that the applications for network mobilities are possible until June 15. Freemover mobility applications are possible from July 1 on.
92 networks awarded for the academic year 2023/24
Based on the assessment by our national experts the "International Commission" awarded 92 networks for the academic year 2023/2024. We congratulate all participating institutes.
Free scholarship months for Art students and teachers in Poland
Free scholarships for students and teachers who want to attend any courses in the artistic studies. Please apply as a freemover.

Featured Networks
Building Knowledge and Experience Exchange in CFD

Network coordinators after a meeting

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analyses and solves problems that involve flows like gases or liquids.

Computers are used to simulate a model that shows how these fluids flow and interact with the surfaces and solids of the model. CFD is used to pre-engineer complex areas where the right temperatures and flows are critical factors. It is a very powerful tool that shows in advance how temperature, pressure and velocity are going to behave in a design. This Network with established contacts between scientists who deal with CFD, offers exchange of information, knowledge and experience and the participation of common research projects and other activities. It organizes lectures, seminars, summer courses and scientific conferences and workshops. Special emphasize is also on the usage of laboratory equipment of the partners within the network. Mobilities are planned for undergraduates, graduates as well as for teachers. Additionally, 6 of the partner institutes in 5 different CEEPUS member countries offer two different Joint PhDs.

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For Safe and Healthy Food in Middle-Europe

Excursion to Prague, © Sandra Budzaki

At the beginning of the third millennium, it has proven that improving the quality of the life in Europe is one of the most important issues.

In this respect, the production of safe and healthy food and human nutrition should be in the focus of both research and education. To reach this goal one should enhance the education to be able create experts whose expertise would meet the requirements of the modern food production processes. This network has significant impact and offers a wide range of participation for students and teachers, via joint co-tutelle programs as well as summer schools.

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What our scholars have to say
Felix Stoisser
Exchange student in Korce (Albania)
There I had many great moments - i can't define a "best one" and it would take too long to list them all.
Iva Vujovic
Exchange student in Vienna
I learned a lot from some professors about topics that aren't really talked about much in my home University. And even when we do mention them, it's more theoretical and harder to understand than it is through practical learning, which we did in Vienna.
Prof Dr. József Gál
Vice-Dean of University of Szeged
CEEPUS scholarships open the horizons for our students and faculty staff to countries we do not necessarily know enough about. In addition to the classical semester mobilities, they also provide an excellent opportunity to gain short-term professional experience. Incoming teachers and students add colour to our academic year and provide useful information about their country, that can be of great value to future engineers.

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