We promote cooperation in the field of higher education in Central Europe.

What our scholars have to say
Nicholas Chang
Exchange student in Szeged
The very warm welcome that I was received by at the faculty, as well as by the National CEEPUS Office, made me feel like an important guest and not just a number.
Vedrana Petric
Exchange Student in Warsaw
The fact that I can say that now I have friends, real deep friendships, throughout Europe. Also, that I managed to finish all the courses in a completely different, but very interesting field of studies- environmental engineering. Thank you CEEPUS for giving me the opportunity to achieve this!
Prof. Stanisław Adamczak
Rector of Kielce University of Technology
We share our knowledge in the area of technical education with foreign academic teachers and scientists, and this cooperation makes research & development work more efficient. We can prepare better publications and dissertations, and publish them in respected foreign magazines.
Thanks to CEEPUS we also had the opportunity to start cooperations within other international programs.

Featured Networks
Design, Implementation and Use of Joint Programs Regarding Quality in Manufacturing Engineering

Minister Prize Awards Ceremony, Zagreb

Methods of Manufacturing Engineering are key methods for increasing productivity and flexibility of enterprises. Each of the CEEPUS network partners units is specialized and excellent in different part of Manufacturing Engineering field.

For example, one of our important accomplishment of the last year is the completion of software for Android phones, starting from the last academic year, which calculates all types of adjustments in Tolerances and dimensional control in the industry. The software was developed by the Technical University of Cluj Napoca, together with the Technical University of Vienna. This software fits perfectly in the management of quality management for any type of company. The network won the CEEPUS Ministers' Prize of Excellence in 2018. The software is very simple to use and can be used by all project partners and can be accessed in all 9 languages of the project partners.

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Teaching and Learning Bioanalysis

Minister Prize Awards Ceremony, Bucharest

The methods of bioanalysis are of great importance in most of the areas of everyday life because the techniques are applied in food industry, environment, healthcare, drug industry, quality control.

The CEEPUS Network “Teaching and Learning Bioanalysis” is coordinated by the George Emil Palade” University of Medicine in Rumania and has 19 Partner Institutes from all over the CEEPUS region. The most important activity is sharing the knowledge gained in bioanalytical field both on research and educational terms among the partner institutions. By doing so, the experiences of the partner universities in various field of separation science and bioanalysis can be shared and the instrumentation available in the partner-laboratories can be “co-utilized”. As a result of this fruitful cooperation several scientific papers were co-published, over 80 joint MSc and PhD were submitted and almost 20 successful Summer Schools were organized.

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News & Events
Virtual exchange and CEEPUS
Please read about the experiences of some member countries regarding virtual exchange during the last academic year. The article was released by the Tempus Public Foundation (TPF) , our CEEPUS National Office in Hungary.
CEEPUS Ministers´ Prize Winner
The CEEPUS network CIII-AT-0042 “Image Processing, Information Engineering & Interdisciplinary Knowledge Exchange" coordinated by the Medical University of Graz was awarded with the 2020 Ministers´ Prize. Congratulations!
86 networks awarded for the academic year 2021/22
After a very intensive and productive "International Commission" and the evaluation done by our national experts, we are happy to award 86 networks for the academic year 2021/2022. We congratulate all participating institutes.

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