We promote cooperation in the field of higher education in Central Europe.

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Free scholarship months for Art students and teachers in Poland
If you are interested to go to an artistic (fine arts, musicians,..) in Poland, feel free to apply.
Bosnia and Herzegovina: mobility applications are not possible at the moment
Because of financial difficulties in Bosnia and Herzegovina it is not possible to apply for mobility applications for the summer term 2022/23 for stays in Bosnia and Herzegovina at the moment. Only the two CEEPUS Universities in the Republic Srbska (University of Banja Luka and University of East Sarajevo) are not affected.

Featured Networks
Building Knowledge and Experience Exchange in CFD

Network coordinators after a meeting

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analyses and solves problems that involve flows like gases or liquids.

Computers are used to simulate a model that shows how these fluids flow and interact with the surfaces and solids of the model. CFD is used to pre-engineer complex areas where the right temperatures and flows are critical factors. It is a very powerful tool that shows in advance how temperature, pressure and velocity are going to behave in a design. This Network with established contacts between scientists who deal with CFD, offers exchange of information, knowledge and experience and the participation of common research projects and other activities. It organizes lectures, seminars, summer courses and scientific conferences and workshops. Special emphasize is also on the usage of laboratory equipment of the partners within the network. Mobilities are planned for undergraduates, graduates as well as for teachers. Additionally, 6 of the partner institutes in 5 different CEEPUS member countries offer two different Joint PhDs.

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Landscape management - Sustainable land use perspectives in the Central European Region

Students at the Laboratory

If you are interested in topics like spatial planning, forestry, agronomy, horticulture and environmental sciences regarding water, air, and soil, you can improve your knowledge with an interdisciplinary scientific team in 11 different CEEPUS-Countries

All partners work towards sustainability of European landscapes’ management. This approach finds place in agreement both with EU Strategy for the Danube Region, “Protecting the Environment”, and with European Landscape Convention, searching for “Landscape quality objectives”. They educate young people from all 11 participating CEEPUS countries in seeing the differences between countries, and finding a proper strategy for development of particular places, protecting their values and supporting their uniqueness. This is done the best with long established summer schools, intensive courses where students work in international groups on projects and learn both about the particular place and different approaches. Besides, this network is also part of further European Networks and offers Joint MA degrees.

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What our scholars have to say
Peter Purg, PhD
Professor, University of Nova Gorica
I had the occasion to work with architecture students who normally don’t deal with media and contemporary arts in their study programme. CEEPUS allows me to think innovative – I get money and time to go there and to focus on something new and do something new.
Felix Stoisser
Exchange student in Korce (Albania)
There I had many great moments - i can't define a "best one" and it would take too long to list them all.
Nicholas Chang
Exchange student in Szeged
The very warm welcome that I was received by at the faculty, as well as by the National CEEPUS Office, made me feel like an important guest and not just a number.

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