Current information for CEEPUS applicants regarding Covid 19 restrictions

If you had to interrupt your stay abroad and want to postpone your scholarship or if you want to change your date of stay, please always contact the National CEEPUS Office (NCO) of your host country first!

The host NCO can inform you whether a postponement/change of data is possible and can guide you through the process. Please be patient, in most CEEPUS countries it is not decided yet, whether a student/teacher exchange will be possible in fall.

If you are still in your host country and you have questions about your scholarship or regarding quarantine, travel restrictions or the end of your stay, please contact your host National CEEPUS Office in time.

In the case of uncertainties regarding quarantine or border regulations, we recommend to additionally contact your diplomatic mission in your host country.

You will find all the contact details of your responsible National CEEPUS Office by clicking on the flag of the respective country below.

Please do not hesitate to also contact the CENTRAL CEEPUS OFFICE at: office(at)

CEEPUS Member Countries and NCOs

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CEEPUS is the short form for Central European Exchange Program for University Studies and is a multilateral University exchange program in the extended Danube region based on an international Agreement. It went into force in 1995 with back then six signing states. Today after over 25 years of successful cooperation there are 15+ members states who joint the current CEEPUS III agreement. The main activity of CEEPUS is the support of knowledge transfer, knowledge exchange and experience. CEEPUS mainly funds cooperation networks between universities in the member states through mobility grants for students and teachers. Since 1995 approximate 75.000 mobility applications have been awarded in the framework of our program.

Each country has a National CEEPUS Office (NCO) in charge of the national implementation of the Program. The Central CEEPUS Office in Vienna is responsible for the overall coordination of the program. If you are interested in establishing a new university network, your National CEEPUS Office is the first contact point for information regarding the program. Please click on the flag of your home country above, to get the contact information of the National Office. The NCO is also your first contact point if you want to apply for a freemover grant.

If you want to apply for a scholarship within a current funded network, please get in contact with the network coordinator or the network contact person at your university. You will find all information on the current participation of your university within CEEPUS by accessing our list of networks.

If you have additional questions, please also access our FAQs or get in contact with the Central CEEPUS Office directly.

Michael Schedl

Acting Secretary General


TIP OF THE DAY: application deadline for the coming winter term extended - if applicable
Because of the ongonig restrictions, the deadline for Winter Term applications is extended if applicable in the respective host country. Please get in contact with your host NCO for further information. Freemover applications are planned for starting July 1, 2020 for the moment.

Application Round 20/21: Mob App for Summer Term 2021
mobility applications for the coming summer term 2021 will be already accept for stays in the following countries: AT, BG, HR, HU, ME, NMK, PL, RO, RS and SI

Due to the corona outbreak many universities are closed and academic exchange is suspended but exact measures vary. We therefore advise applicants to be in touch with their NCO and their host university. We also recommend to consider postponing your mobility to a later period. The National CEEPUS Offices will do their flexible best to accommodate requests.
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