We promote cooperation in the field of higher education in Central Europe.

What our scholars have to say
Dr. Bojan Lalic
Professor, University of Novi Sad
With CEEPUS it is more flexible and less bureaucratic than organising teaching at foreign universities in another way.
Manuela Schöndorfer
Exchange student in Zadar
In the Adult Education class, we were only three international students. The professor included our experiences and nation-specific research of our home countries (Austria, Belgium and Czechia) in our assignments, which also contributed to favorable intercultural exchange.
Peter Purg, PhD
Professor, University of Nova Gorica
I had the occasion to work with architecture students who normally don’t deal with media and contemporary arts in their study programme. CEEPUS allows me to think innovative – I get money and time to go there and to focus on something new and do something new.

Featured Networks
International Cooperation in Computer Science

Minister Prize Awards Ceremony, Zagreb

This big and strongly motivated CEEPUS network offers various specifics in its field of “Computer Science”. Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest is the coordinating unit of this network with 18 Institutions.

It covers the area of functional programming, programming methodology and parallel program design, compiler construction, theory of programming languages, Data Science, Big Data and Complexity, Autonomous systems and Artificial Intelligence. It organizes training at industrial partners and is responsible for the cooperation with the “EIT Digital”. Other Partners, for example: the University of Linz (AT), provides its experience in the field of object-oriented software development, compiler construction and runs the double degree programme “International Master in Computer Science” since 2007. The University of Szeged (HU) contributes in automaton theory and organizes biannual PhD students workshops and Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca (RO) provides its expertise in complexity of algorithms, programming languages and coordinates the preparations of a related Erasmus Mundus programme. The network won the CEEPUS Ministers' Prize of Excellence in 2004, 2007 and 2019.

All participating partners offer specifics in the field of computer science, find out the details.

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Design, Implementation and Use of Joint Programs Regarding Quality in Manufacturing Engineering

Minister Prize Awards Ceremony, Zagreb

Methods of Manufacturing Engineering are key methods for increasing productivity and flexibility of enterprises. Each of the CEEPUS network partners units is specialized and excellent in different part of Manufacturing Engineering field.

For example, one of our important accomplishment of the last year is the completion of software for Android phones, starting from the last academic year, which calculates all types of adjustments in Tolerances and dimensional control in the industry. The software was developed by the Technical University of Cluj Napoca, together with the Technical University of Vienna. This software fits perfectly in the management of quality management for any type of company. The network won the CEEPUS Ministers' Prize of Excellence in 2018. The software is very simple to use and can be used by all project partners and can be accessed in all 9 languages of the project partners.

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News & Events
Network Mobility Applications
Some member countries extended the application deadline for network mobility applications. Please ask the National CEEPUS Office of your host country for more information: see "Contact"
Freemover Applications enabled
The Freemover applications for the winter term 2021 are enabled for those host countries where applicable. Deadline is July 1st! Please ask the host National CEEPUS Office for more information: see "Contact"
CEEPUS Ministers´ Prize Winner
The CEEPUS network CIII-AT-0042 “Image Processing, Information Engineering & Interdisciplinary Knowledge Exchange" coordinated by the Medical University of Graz was awarded with the 2020 Ministers´ Prize. Congratulations!
Meeting of the Joint Committee of Ministers
On June 7th, the Joint Committee of Ministers elected Poland as new CEEPUS Chair for a period of two years. Congratulations!
Due to the corona pandemic the situation at many Universities in our CEEPUS countries is still uncertain for the current academic year 2020/21 or for the winter term 2021. Therefore, please always get in contact with your host institution and the National CEEPUS Office from the host country.
86 networks awarded for the academic year 2021/22
After a very intensive and productive "International Commission" and the evaluation done by our national experts, we are happy to award 86 networks for the academic year 2021/2022. We congratulate all participating institutes.

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