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94 networks awarded for the academic year 2024/25
Based on the assessment by our national experts, the "International Commission" awarded 94 networks for the academic year 2024/2025. We congratulate all participating institutes.

Featured Cooperations
Conducting research within CEEPUS: Effective drug delivery systems for obesity treatment

Amina Tucak-Smajic, University of Graz/Austria© Eldar Nurkovic

Amina Tucak-Smajic, a pharmacist form Bosnia and Herzegovina, pursued part of the research for her PhD thesis at the University of Graz in Austria. Her exchange stay was partial support by a CEEPUS mobility scholarship. Her report stands as an outstanding example of collaboration within a sucessful CEEPUS network

"2019 to 2023, I had the extraordinary opportunity to spend approximately 10 months in Austria, where I conducted the entire experimental part of my thesis at the Department of Pharmaceutical Technology & Biopharmacy.
My research focuses on the formulation and characterization of cationic nanostructured lipid carriers as drug delivery systems for microRNA, particularly miRNA-27a. This work is positioned at the intersection of nanotechnology and therapeutic strategies for treating and preventing obesity. What excites me most about this research is its potential impact on addressing a global health issue—obesity. By leveraging nanotechnology and microRNA, we aim to develop innovative approaches for more effective drug delivery systems. The prospect of contributing to advancements in obesity treatment is both intellectually stimulating and socially significant. This period in Austria marked my first encounter with cell culture laboratories, providing me with invaluable hands-on experience. I had the privilege of conducting my research on two distinct cell lines, broadening my understanding of cellular processes and experimental methodologies. Moreover, I gained access to state-of-the-art equipment dedicated to the formulation and characterization of lipid nanoparticles. This access not only facilitated the practical aspects of my research but also exposed me to cutting-edge technologies in the field."

The CEEPUS scholarship was awarded for the years 2022 and 2023, at the Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Graz within the framwork of the CEEPUS network "Central European Knowledge Alliance for Teaching, Learning & Research in Pharmaceutical Technology (CEKA PharmTech)"

Central Europe Connect  -0097.jpg
"Central Europe Connect" certificate: WU Vienna, EUBA Bratislava and SGH Warsaw

Intensive program © EUBA Bratislava

This network promotes topics which are increasingly considered of importance for a modern and innovative education in business and economics like sustainability, responsible leadership, social inclusion, as well as entrepreneurship and new technologies.

The Joint Certificate is the most prominent joint activity of the "Amadeus" network. It brings together up to 60 students every semester, who jointly attend three courses leading to the "Central Europe Connect" certificate. The program has been designed by the three AMADEUS partner institutions: WU Vienna, EUBA Bratislava and SGH Warsaw and is embedded into their curricula at the bachelor’s level. The strength of this program lies in the fact that all three institutions are involved in the program design and the course delivery. Moreover, students from all institutions jointly attend the CEC courses offered, thus making the program a truly intercultural experience in the Central European region. Considering European Universities being formed around Europe, this program is a strong and successful prototype for joint learning programs.

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What our scholars have to say
Dr. Gabriella Vöő
Exchange teacher in Olomouc
There was a large student turnout, the students were interested and they participated in the discussions. I had conversations with colleagues about academic and administrative matters and we also discussed possibilities for joint research projects in the future.
Nicholas Chang
Exchange student in Szeged
The very warm welcome that I was received by at the faculty, as well as by the National CEEPUS Office, made me feel like an important guest and not just a number.
Iva Vujovic
Exchange student in Vienna
I learned a lot from some professors about topics that aren't really talked about much in my home University. And even when we do mention them, it's more theoretical and harder to understand than it is through practical learning, which we did in Vienna.

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