Central CEEPUS Office

The Central CEEPUS Office is in charge of the overall coordination and evaluation of CEEPUS. It defines the PR strategy of the program and enjoys the privilege of providing the Joint Committee of Ministers with proposals for further program development. The Central CEEPUS Office is entitled to take urgent technical decisions in between the meetings of the Joint Committee of Ministers so that the program might be operated smoothly without delays. Dedicated to lean management, the Central CEEPUS Office is operated by a staff of only two, the Secretary General and her assistant.

The Central CEEPUS Office is also the depositary of the CEEPUS III Agreement.


Elisabeth Sorantin
Secretary General

Marlene Grubeck-Grabner
Assistant to the Secretary General

Please address inquiries to: office[at]ceepus.info

Please address questions concerning applications and scholarship payments to your National CEEPUS Office.

Albertgasse 35
1080 Vienna
Phone: +43/1/3194850/11
Fax: +43/1/3194850/10
email: office[at]ceepus.info

legal basis

CEEPUS III Agreement, Article 5

(1) A Central CEEPUS Office is hereby established in Vienna. The Central CEEPUS Office shall have such legal capacity as is required for the exercise of its functions.

(2) The Secretary General of the Central CEEPUS Office shall, upon a proposal by the Republic of Austria, be elected for a period of seven years by a two-thirds majority vote of the Joint Committee. The Secretary General may be replaced before the end of his/her term by unanimous decision of the Joint Committee.

(3) The infrastructure required for the fulfilment of the functions of the Central CEEPUS Office, including the salaries of the Secretary General and the staff of the Office, shall be financed by the Republic of Austria.

(4) The costs for representatives of Contracting Parties or any personnel seconded to the Central CEEPUS Office shall be covered by the respective Contracting Party.

(5) The Contracting Parties are encouraged to provide voluntary funding for activities of the Central CEEPUS Office to further improve the implementation of the cooperation.

(6) The Central CEEPUS Office shall have a coordinating and evaluating function and Contracting Parties shall retain full power and control over their respective national budgets for the cooperation.

(7) The Central CEEPUS Office shall in particular:

  • Notify the Joint Committee at its next meeting of decisions taken by the Secretary General intersessionally between meetings of the Joint Committee on urgent technical and administrative matters;
  • Prepare an annual progress report and undertake the overall evaluation of the implementation of this Agreement;
  • Submit proposals for further development of the cooperation;
  • Prepare and organise the meetings of the Joint Committee and the working groups and produce minutes of these meetings;
  • Support the implementation of decisions adopted by the Joint Committee;
  • Develop a joint public relations strategy for the cooperation and advise the Contracting Parties on information policies;
  • Publish information on the cooperation among participating universities of the Contracting Parties.
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