Other Important Bodies

Currently there are also two active Working Groups of the Joint Committee of Ministers, both chaired by the Central CEEPUS Office.

International Commission

The International Commission consists of the National CEEPUS Offices and their top-experts. They meet twice a year, once in spring for finalizing the selection of network applications for the next academic year and once in fall prior to the Senior Officials´ Meeting to prepare proposals for their meeting.

Senior Officials´ Meeting

The Senior Officials´ Meeting convenes every year and deals with all technical decisions and current issues vital for the wellbeing of our program. Senior Officials are officials in charge of CEEPUS and with decision making power.

legal basis

Article 3

(2) The Joint Committee shall meet as deemed necessary. It shall adopt its own rules of procedure and shall elect one of its members as Chairperson. It may establish working groups required for the implementation of this Agreement and decide on their composition.

Article 4

(1) Decisions concerning the procedure for the selection of CEEPUS III networks shall be made by a working group of the Joint Committee.

Rules of Procedure for the Joint Committee of Ministers (hereinafter referred to as “Joint Committee”) to be adopted in accordance with Art. 3 of the CEEPUS III Agreement

Rule 8
Working Groups

  1. The Joint Committee may establish working groups for the implementation of the CEEPUS III Agreement.
  2. The Joint Committee decides on the composition, tasks and location of a working group.
  3. Working groups shall be chaired by the Central CEEPUS Office unless decided otherwise by the Joint Committee of Ministers.
  4. The working groups shall follow the same procedures concerning consensus and voting as the Joint Committee.
  5. The report of a meeting of a working group shall be submitted to the Joint Committee for approval.
  6. The Central CEEPUS Office shall prepare the meetings of the working groups. The country where a working group shall meet shall be responsible for the logistics of the meeting.
  7. In accordance with Art. 4 para. 1 CEEPUS III Agreement a working group so designated by the Joint Committee shall make the decisions concerning the procedure for the selection of CEEPUS III networks.

Minutes of the 17th Meeting of the Joint Committee of Ministers, Warsaw, March 2011,
2.2.3 Establishment of Working Groups in accordance with Art. 3 of the CEEPUS III Agreement and Rule 8 of the Rules of Procedure:

The Preliminary CEEPUS III Joint Committee of Ministers unanimously establishes the following Working Groups:
IC - International Commission,
according to Rule 8, para. 7 of the Rules of Procedure
SOM - Senior Officials´ Meeting,
according to Action 2, para. 8 of the Work Programme 2011-13.
The Working Groups shall be established as soon as CEEPUS III enters into force.

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