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Each country also operates a National CEEPUS Office, in charge of local implementation in close cooperation with the partner offices and the Central CEEPUS Office. Lean management also applies here and the National CEEPUS Offices are usually staffed with only one person. Apart from making sure CEEPUS operates well in their country, the National CEEPUS Offices are also important ambassadors of both CEEPUS and their Higher Education systems and their input is important for the fine tuning of the program.

The National CEEPUS Offices also coordinate their National Commission, i.e. the expert pool scoring CEEPUS networks on national level.

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legal basis

CEEPUS III Agreement, Article 4

(1) Decisions concerning the procedure for the selection of CEEPUS III networks shall be made by a working group of the Joint Committee.

(2) Each Contracting Party shall establish a National Commission of academics and/or other experts to assist in the selection process mentioned in paragraph 1.

(3) Each Contracting Party shall establish a National CEEPUS Office which shall have the following responsibilities:

  • Advertising the cooperation and informing on all its aspects, especially on Joint Degrees, in close cooperation with the Central CEEPUS Office and the other National CEEPUS Offices;
  • Receiving and formally evaluating applications;
  • Preparations for awarding scholarships to applicants;
  • Providing scholarships when a place of study has been secured;
  • Awarding scholarships as described in the work programme;
  • Organizing payments in connection with a scholarship;
  • Receiving reports;
  • Conducting a national evaluation of the cooperation and contributing to the overall evaluation of the cooperation, where applicable;
  • Reporting annually on the national implementation of the cooperation;

(4) The Contracting Parties shall notify the establishment of their respective National CEEPUS Office to the Central CEEPUS Office.

(5) The National CEEPUS Offices shall participate in meetings arranged by the Central CEEPUS Office.

(6) The Contracting Parties shall take measures to ensure that their respective National CEEPUS Office has the means required for the fulfilment of its functions.

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