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Nerisa Red┼żematovic
Ministry of Education
Vaka Djurovica b.b., CG-81000 Podgorica
Phone: +382 67 749 181
legal basis
CEEPUS III Agreement, Art. 4,

3) Each Contracting Party shall establish a National CEEPUS Office which shall have the following responsibilities:
  • Advertising the cooperation and informing on all its aspects, especially on Joint Degrees, in close cooperation with the Central CEEPUS Office and the other National CEEPUS Offices;
  • Receiving and formally evaluating applications;
  • Preparations for awarding scholarships to applicants;
  • Providing scholarships when a place of study has been secured;
  • Awarding scholarships as described in the work programme;
  • Organizing payments in connection with a scholarship;
  • Receiving reports;
  • Conducting a national evaluation of the cooperation and contributing to the overall evaluation of the cooperation, where applicable;
  • Reporting annually on the national implementation of the cooperation;
scholarship rates Academic Year 2016/2017
For teachers allowance 1 week90,00 EUR
for teachers allowance 2 weeks180,00 EUR
for teachers allowance 3 weeks270,00 EUR
for teachers allowance 4 weeks350,00 EUR
students and graduates100,00 EUR
scholarship rates Academic Year 2017/2018
CEEPUS member since
NCO Information
NCO Montenegro (NCO Information PDF - concerning important data for the applicant like visa information, grant payment, accommodation, aso.)
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