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Slovak Academic Information Agency (SAIA)
Sasinkova 10, 81220 Bratislava 1, Slovakia
Fax: +421/2/59 30 47 01

Julia Neiplova (outgoing mobilities - applications from Slovakia)
Phone: +421/2/59 30 47 00, +421/2/59 30 47 11

Milica Ivovic (incoming mobilities - foreign applicants)
Phone: +421/2/59 30 47 00, +421/2/59 30 47 11

legal basis
CEEPUS III Agreement, Art. 4,

3) Each Contracting Party shall establish a National CEEPUS Office which shall have the following responsibilities:
  • Advertising the cooperation and informing on all its aspects, especially on Joint Degrees, in close cooperation with the Central CEEPUS Office and the other National CEEPUS Offices;
  • Receiving and formally evaluating applications;
  • Preparations for awarding scholarships to applicants;
  • Providing scholarships when a place of study has been secured;
  • Awarding scholarships as described in the work programme;
  • Organizing payments in connection with a scholarship;
  • Receiving reports;
  • Conducting a national evaluation of the cooperation and contributing to the overall evaluation of the cooperation, where applicable;
  • Reporting annually on the national implementation of the cooperation;
scholarship rates Academic Year 2020/2021
Students (BA and MA students)280,00 EURbasic medical insurance where needed
PhD students470,00 EURbasic medical insurance where needed
University Teachers470,00 EURbasic medical insurance where needed
CEEPUS member since
founding member
NCO Information
NCO Slovakia (NCO Information PDF - concerning important data for the applicant like visa information, grant payment, accommodation, aso.)
NCO Slovakia Leaflet eng. NCO Slovakia Leaflet english
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